Monitor CPU GPU Temperature

By: Rejin Paul
Jul 18,2018
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Check how to check your CPU Temperature

All of us are fantacised about gaming and though the technological development towards gaming keeps improving there is also one more factor which needs to be considered and it is CPU TEMPERATURE. The normal CPU temperature is 60 degrees celcius but it is advised to aim for 50 degrees to be safe .The average CPU temperatures for most AMD and Intel processors may vary and it is essential to monitor the temperature for the efficient working of CPU.33 Degrees Celsius is considered to be a good CPU temperature . If your computer gets too hot or if you encounter unexpected shutdown then it is necessary to Check CPU temperature.CPU temperature monitor is available for different versions of Windows like Windows 8,Windows 10.CPU temperature jumps in seconds and it is your fan which controls temperatures in and out .

How to monitor CPU Temperature?

Some good temperature monitoring software is needed in order to be updated with the temperature of Windows 7 or 8 or Windows 10 system. Some of the best softwares and apps to be recommended for Windows 7/8/10 are Pulseway temperature monitor app ,Adia 64,CoreTemp,Speedfan ,RainMeter etc.The Open Hardware Monitor is a FREE OPEN SOURCE software that monitors temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load and clock speeds of a computer. CPU Temperature Spikes are caused by a very short need for maximum computing power available from the CPU.

What is CPU-Z?

CPU-Z is a freeware for Microsoft Windows and Android that displays detailed computer hardware information like the memory cache, the mainboard and the RAM.CPU-Z can also be used to check system stability while changing speeds and voltages when overlocking.It does not actually show temperature but uses speedfan to check what speed my fans are spinning and also monitors temperature of PC

What is Ideal CPU temperature?

The highest temperature that the system will last at for the longest amout of time or the full life of the system is Ideal CPU temperature.It depends largely on the person running the system normally between 45 to 70 degree Celsius.

How to check CPU temperature?

Two of the favourite options are listed below:
1.For Basic CPU temperature Monitoring-CORE TEMP
2.For advanced Monitoring:HWMonitor

How to get CPU temperature in Linux:

Im_Sensors,Lm_Sensors,short for Linux_monitoring sensors is a free software package that provides necessary tools for monitoring CPU temperature.

CPU core temperature:

Intel core i3 - 50- 60 degree Celsius
Intel core i5 - 50 - 63 degree Celsius
Intel core I7 - 50 - 66 degree Celsius
Intel Pentium II - 64 - 75 degree Celsius

A stock Intel cooler(i5 3750K) with a liquid one has an idle temperature about 34 degree Celsius. But after H50 BIOS update and reboot, the idle temperature is 46 degree Celsius and the medium temperature is found to be 31-32 degree Celsius in different cores.

CPU and GPU temperature

Much like CPUs, most cards shouldn’t go over 85 Celsius even when under heavy load. GPU cooling solutions can vary greatly and so the average temperatures. The numerous sensors built into CPUs, GPUs and motherboards show us exactly how hot each component is running.MSI Afterburner measures CPU temperature to be 40 degrees even while running demanding games. But later it is found that Afterburner is only for your GPU and that 40 degrees is considered to be your GPU temperature and not CPU temperature.

What temperature should my CPU be?

Set your computer to a specific temperature, so when it heats up by even a degree , the fans speed up to cool it back down to that temperature. Modern Intel CPU should be 28-38 degree Celsius depending on ambient temperature.For medium resolution games,the temperature should not exceed 60 -65 degree Celsius whereas for high resolution it should not exceed 65-70 degree Celsius.

Does Corsair link show CPU temperature??

corsair link is a software that allows you to monitor your system and has control over case fans, lighting, compatible corsair power supplies and hydro series liquid.Corsair link program does not show CPU temperature but most people set their fans at higher speed when playing intensive games. Link dashboard allows you to monitor your system.

CPU package temperature Vs core temperature:

The CPU temperature is the temperature of your socket whereas package temperature is your core temperature. The maximum temperature for core is 70 degree Celsius whereas for socket it is 80 degree Celsius

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