Add nostalgic app icons to your Iphone

To Use Old App Icons On Your iPhone For Free Without Jailbreaking the Device. In case you’re tingling for some nostalgia to take you back to a era where you didn’t need to wear a cover each time you ventured outside, MSCHF — the gathering behind The Office Slack, the chicken bong, and other saucy undertakings — is here for you.

“Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, and one of the most iconic (no pun intended) pieces of nostalgia is old app icons,” said Daniel Greenberg, head of strategy at MSCHF.

The procedure is totally protected and doesn’t take too long to even think about using and you have to open the site on your iPhone utilizing Safari. This process will not remove your updated icons from before but it will definitely add the old icon charm you wanted. Upon tapping the old icon, it will open the corresponding app, for example, YouTube, Facebook or Maps amongst many others.

On the off chance that you’ve been needing to look at those retro symbols or simply thinking about how symbols have changed throughout the years, Icon Rewind is simply the ideal method to encounter it for yourself.

Chrome users of Iphone have to hold up piece for a while, be that as it may, it is very easy to use safari right now.

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